2010 Chrysler Town & Country haunted windows

My windows go down by themselves when no one in or driving

This has been discussed many times, in regard to many different vehicles, and what those vehicles all have in common is that it is possible to lower the vehicle’s windows remotely via the key fob. Somehow or other, pressure is being applied to that key fob while it is inside your purse or your pocket, and the result is that the windows are lowered.

Read your Owner’s Manual for details, and then change the place where you keep your keys.

Here is the most recent post from another forum member on the same topic:

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VDC Driver may very well be on the right track. I have found the minivan forum at allpar.com very helpful when I’ve had questions about my Plymouth and Chrysler minivans. You may find help there, too. But start with your owners manual. Good luck.

Try putting the key fob in a metal box after you exit the car for the evening. And place the box as far away from the car is you can while still keeping it inside the house of course. That should prevent an accidental rf transmission from the fob to reach the car. Might provide a clue to what’s happening anyway.

If the problem isn’t the fob, check where the wires go from the driver’s door to inside the car, right near the door hinges usually. Does the insulation looked frayed?