Puddle in the driver side floor


I have a 1995 Olds Acheiva. Low mileage and the body is in great shape. Since early Feb. there has been a puddle on the floor, driver’s side only, although 1 day it was also wet in the back floor on passenger side. My neighbor sealed the winshield and tells me the bottom of the car is solid, no rust. Still wet. Sat in a carwash, per his instruction and saw no water come in. Vaccuumed floor again. Next day still wet. Any ideas?


when my ford had a similar problem,it was leaking through the bulkhead seams,took ford 5 days to find it!


Any chance you have a sunroof? That would explain the water in both spots. If you do, you likely have blocked drains. String trimmer wire or compressed air are the usual tools. Be careful as you can damage the drains using either. There is also a trick to do a small modification that seems to do a good job of eliminating the problem in the future.


No sunroof. Any other ideas?


How did you finally find it?


This is how I found the leak on my 2000 Blazer. Ran water into the windshield cowling while looking under the dash with a flashlight, water was leaking through the seam between the inner fender and the firewall. The water ran down the firewall under the carpet and came back up in through the carpet by the seat. The truck had been in a minor accident on that side before I bought it. Sealed the seam and no more leaks since 2003.

Ed B.


OK, everyone settle down! The heater core is bad. It isn’t a major problem with the body. The heater core is located just above the foot area on the passenger side. Smells like wet, dirty socks doesn’t it?


hey beefy norm did you read where they said driver side