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2014 Toyota Avalon wet carpet: passenger side

I have same problem with water in carpet on passenger side. Starts under passenger seat and puddles in rear compartment. Anyone know how this could be. Went through a big rain. What could be plugged to cause this.

Chances are your AC drain is clogged. On most cars you can find the drain in the engine compartment on the firewall on the passenger side. Some can be cleared with just your finger, some may require something like a bottle brush to clear.


I need addition to the AC drain, you might have a plugged sunroof drain. Of course, if you don’t have a sunroof or don’t use it, that is unlikely.

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This happened on my wife’s 1999 Camry during an oil change. The tech plugged the AC drain to keep it from dripping on them while they serviced the car.

If the leak occurs in the rain the leak may be from the windshield or sunroof. Has the windshield been replaced?

Open the sunroof and inspect the trough below the opening for debris.

:umbrella:"Water leaks inside vehicle":umbrella:
HVAC Evaporator Drain Hose Clogged Due to Insect Intrusion

Check for bugs or evidence of bugs.

A 7 page Toyota Technical Service Bulletin T-SB-0033-14 indicates that on some models/model years, including this Avalon, insects have been found infesting and blocking the drain tube.

Parts (model specific) to modify the drain to prevent this from happening are offered for sale by Toyota and the bulletin explains this and installation procedures are outlined. An ARINIX® Tip, with poison :biohazard: in it is installed.

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Happened right after oil change at Walmart


Someone suggested that the oil change techy plugged the drain so that it wouldn’t drip on them under the car. Makes sense, went to Walmart for my oil change. Not the sharpest guys, but then, to plug the drain, might just have happened. Thanks for your response

Took in to Walmart, suggested that someone might have plugged it, per our thoughts. They pulled it in immediately and no one had messed with the drain. Took to Toyota and the tech blew up the hose and water gushed out. Pretty funny actually. Needed to replace the underpadding and carpeting, totally saturated. Insurance comprehensive covered all but my deductable. Balance was over $3000. Cant believe Toyota would let the AC drain be that vulnerable to plugging.

Common to many cars. Debris enters through the vents at the base of the windshield. Where I live we have live oaks, relatively small leaves. My drain was clogged with those leaves.

How do you clean out the vents by the windshield. This was in the AC condenser area. Is this the same thing or just related.

You can’t, these are the fresh air intake vents for fresh air to the cabin. They get cleaned everytime it rains or the car is washed. Normally the water escapes through various drains. But occasionally a drain gets clogged.