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Leaking car problems

I have a 1996 Acura. It is currently leaking whenever it rains.

There is water on the floor of both the passenger and driver sides and well as the tire well in the trunk.

The windows don’t appear to be the problem.

Are there any obvious places to look.


Here are a few places to check, I suspect you may have more than one.

  • The vents in front of the windscreen may have collected leaves etc and the drain may be plugged.
  • If you have a sun roof, it’s drain may be clogged, it has four drains one in each corner.
  • In the trunk you could have a rust through spot in the floor with water being sprayed in while you drive and collecting on the floor and flowing into the back seat.
  • Also the tail lights are common locations for leaks.
  • If the drains in the bottom of the doors get clogged, they can then leak into the car.

Good Luck

Thanks for responding. A question: Do the drains have access ports at the bottom of the car. It has been raining lately and I have not been able to check, but I am curious.

Which drains are you thinking of? Since you have a car I am not all that familiar with I can only provide general instructions, your mileage may vary, but likely someone here will know the details for your car.

The HVAC system has a drain tube located on the firewall, low on the passenger side.

Each door will have drain holes along the bottom edge.

The sunroof drains go through the front and rear roof posts and fenders.

I had a similar leak in a 2000 Blazer. There was a crack in the seam between the firewall and the inner fender. I discovered the leak by running water from a hose into the windshield cowling (vent) while shining a flashlight under the dash. The trickle of water coming through the seam reflected the light. The water was running down the firewall, underneath the carpet padding and pooling in the rear driver’s side.

Ed B.

the sunroof drains often get clogged with debreis and be care ful of cleaning the AC drain pan from interior evaporator to outside, a sharp instrument can puncture the evaporator and then you have a huge problem.