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Water leak in camry

I have a 1997 Camry that has developed a leak somewhere. When it rains the floorboard on the passenger side is soaked, and it has spread to the back seat now. We have tried to recreate the problem with a hose and had no luck. Where can the water be coming in ? Not the front windows or sunroof as far as I can tell. Help please…

Have you ruled out the possibility of a blocked A/C drain? That’s the side of the car that would get wet if it weren’t draining properly.

The A/C drain is a likely problem, but it also could be a sun roof problem (if you have a sun roof) or a blocked drain of the area under the vents right in front of the windscreen.

Good Luck

Could be in the area of the fresh air intake. That’s usually the area in front of the windshield where you probably have openings.
On a different car, I’ve seen that general area collect leafs and junk, retaining moisture and rotting part of it out.

The hose could work. You can use car wash soap in a squeeze bottle or on a sponge. With the fan blower running on high speed with the windows closed, put soapy water on all seams and the furious bubbling could help you find the leak. This happens at those charity car washes all the time and it’s better than stand up comedy, but what isn’t? Some water problems can be solved with air. Use the force. A stitch in time…

My vote is for a clogged A/C evaporator drain. After the A/C has been running a while look underneath the car on the passenger side near the firewall and make sure there’s a condensation drip. If not, the drain is clogged.

You said that you ruled out the sunroof using a hose, but are you aware that there may be a drain line running down the A pillar in that area? If that’s blocked, it may take some time before the water makes it out where it’s visible.

I’ve heard that the drain lines can cleaned out with string trimmer line, being careful not to detach them, although I’ve never done it myself.