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My vw is leaking gas

So i have a VW 92 golf gti 1.8 8v that is leaking gas
I replaced my presue regulator already and then checked all of my electrical connections.
When i go to start my car it cranks then i see gas dump out of my exhaust pipe.
If anyone has any idea what I can do id greatly appreciate it.

Are you sure it is gas coming out the tailpipe? If it is, an injector may be stuck open. Does it run OK, or dump tons of black smoke out the exhaust?

Yes. It just cranks. No start and gas is coming out of my exhaust.

I cannot envision a scenario where liquid gas would be coming out of your tailpipe…there’s no way it would make it all the way through the exhaust system in liquid form.

Have you tried smelling it? Does it have a strong fuel odor? It seems more likely that it’s water condensation from the muffler dripping (which is harmless).

EDIT: It looks like from your post a minute ago that you have a no-start condition. But I would be very surprised if the liquid coming out of your tailpipe is related to this (assuming it’s water).

You keep cranking this car and very bad things can happen. Holes in pistons being one of the better results.

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Theres a hole in my exhaust where i see it coming out
I smell it and it. It’s most def gas

Hmm so, should I just replace my injectors?

Where in the exhaust? I am still having trouble visualizing this…if it’s after the catalytic converter, then brace yourself for that repair soon as well, because the cat is supposed to burn up any unused fuel (and if it’s getting through that means the cat is shot).

Just throwing out other ideas…is it possible that there’s a leaking fuel line that is dripping down onto the exhaust from the outside (thus maybe making it look like the exhaust is leaking fuel)?

Its before the cat.

Hmm I’ll check again I’m juat in a damn cold state (Michigan) ,but it could be that.

Haha, I live in Detroit. You’re not kidding about the cold.

No, find the problem first, then replace parts. Any other method just costs you a buncha money.

Pull the fuel pressure relay. Test crank the car, does “gas” still pour out? Yes? Not the injectors and probably not gas.

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Not necessarily. Depends on how long this has been happening plus it currently doesn’t run so the cat is just passing liquid and air pumped by the engine. That stuff ignites and might be time for a new exhaust. Gas evaporates over time and all will be OK.

My experience (based on 3 cars, so still pretty anecdotal) has been that it takes but a very small amount of raw fuel coming into contact with the converter substrate to completely ruin it. Essentially the fuel coats the substrate (car running or no) causing a drop in efficiency until you get the dreaded P0420.

But yeah, definitely the OP needs to drop cranking the engine if raw fuel is spitting out

My cars defigiant so it won’t throw codes

It is what ?

This will help us help you. Please answer 1 and 2.

True or false:

  1. The car cranks (i.e. the starter engine turns the crankshaft)
  2. It doesn’t start (does not run fire up and run.)

It cranks no start

Does it have spark plug wires? If so, it’s not hard to test for spark: unplug a wire at its spark plug and attach a spark plug to it. Ground it on the engine somewhere - maybe jam it in place somewhere, or clamp a wire to it and the other end to a good ground. Try the starter. If you don’t get regular very strong blue-white sparks at the plug, investigate the ignition system.

Do this away from where the fuel is leaking out.

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Remove the spark plugs and look to see which cylinder is filling with gasoline, that will indicate which injector is dumping fuel.