Trouble! SOS!

Having issues with my 92 Toyota pickup. It’s got a 22re engine, it’s 5spd 4wd. White smoke out exhaust, difficult time starting up. Lopes, and idles high when I can get it started. Smells like gas under oil cap. Tried driving it to work, when clutch is pushed in the truck tries to stall n die. When I shift there’s a loud pop/ banging sound in the dash. Been driving stick since I was a kid, never had any problems like this! Truck was giving to me by my cousin, who had work done on it. But started messing up a week out of the shop.

One thing to check is if the fuel pressure regulator is leaking.

Pull the vacuum hose off the regulator, and if gas leaks out, the regulator is leaking.


What did the shop do to the truck? Also, I guess you’ve checked to make sure each plug is firing. What you describe with the lope and raw gas sounds like a plug might not be firing.

It definitely sounds like it is misfiring. The white smoke out the exhaust pipe is a little worrying. Could be a symptom of an incontinent head gasket, which could also be the cause of misfiring. One idea, remove the spark plugs. Do any of them look like the spark tip has been steamed cleaned?