Fuel coming out tail pipe


I have a Cougar and now there is an excessive amount of fuel coming out of the tail pipe. The engine is running really rough also. I unplugged two injectors that I thought might not be closing. the car ran the same with fuel still pouring out of the tail pipe. I switched the injectors around and nothing changed. I am started to think that there are multiple problem starting with, It’s a FORD.


Your check engine light must be lit. What code(s) is it giving you?


The problem might from a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Locate the regulator and remove it’s vacuum hose. If gas leaks out of this connection, the regulator has leak and requires replacing.



2% rule?



Are you absolutely sure that it is unburned gasoline that is coming out of your tail pipe? There is a decent chance that what you are observing is merely water, which is a byproduct of combustion.

I would suggest that you catch some of this liquid in a tin can, soak a piece of paper with the liquid, and see if the paper will burn.

Obviously, if it is water, the paper will not burn.

I would suggest that you walk at least a few feet away from your car and your house before trying to ignite the paper, in case that liquid is gasoline.


Ford, Smord, it doesn’t matter. Every car will have problems. Go to an auto parts store and have the codes scanned if the check engine light is on, if it’s a 1996, or newer model. Replace the spark plugs and air filter. Give us a few details of WHEN, HOW, WHAT.


BTW, If fuel injectors are leaking, unplugging the electrical connector on them won’t stop the leak. If you think they are leaking, pull all the injectors out of the manifold with the fuel rail. Pressurize the rail and watch for drips. However, I really doubt that liquid fuel is making it all the way out the tail pipe. As was suggested, check and see if it is really water instead. Some water out the tail pipe is normal.


It is gas and lots of it.


Like I said it is gas


How many miles does the car have on it? If you’re passing raw gas out of the tailpipe it can only mean too much by-pass around the rings. If you have too much fuel pressure your plugs would be fouled out and it wouldn’t be running good at all. If the rings are bad it will be a combination of gas from the tailpipe and the plugs being fouled. A GM product wouldn’t run at all in this case.


If fuel is getting past the rings, I would check your crankcase for gas contamination to make sure you aren’t thinning out your oil while this problem is persisting. You could ultimately damage your engine, although it would b pretty clean afterwards! Perhaps change the oil to be sure.

Perhaps its a fuel pump problem or the wiring going to the fuel pump? Finding out the pressure output of the fuel pump might give you a clue.

I had this problem in my 94 Toyota p/u, but the gas was winding up in the crankcase. I don’t think the rest of the unburned gas made it past the converter. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator (FPR), but the problem turned out to be a break in a wire going to the fuel pump. The faulty wiring was causing the fuel pump to put out full capacity ALL of the time (>60 psi)! We replaced the pump too… it had been damaged by this over time.


i was about to say the same thing. change all of your plugs. sounds like a cylinder or 2 isnt getting spark and just blowing unburned gas right out.