My Subaru is broken

The ‘Check engine light’ came on for my 2005 Subaru Legacy, followed very shortly by a blinking ‘cruise control’ light and loss of it’s function. The engine light is constant,not blinking. I’ve been told I may need an update of my ECU (and the nearest dealer is a few hours away). So… dare I drive it 150 miles to get it fixed, without causing irreparable harm? Can I get an OBD II and fix it myself? Thoughts and knowledgeable recommendations appreciated!

Drop by a local auto parts house such as AutoZone, Checkers, Advance, etc. and they will scan it for you free. It only takes a few minutes and then post any codes back here for further discussion. Also, the auto parts house should only give you the code numbers as they come up; do not expect a mechanical diagnosis from them. That is not their job.

Offhand, I’m guessing at a speed sensor problem.

You can go to place like Autozone and have the codes read for free. If you purchase a code reader you will need one that can handle the ISO 9141 protcol.

The two problems you mention may be related. You should be able to use the vehicle still but have the codes looked at your earliest convenience to see what the problem is.

thanks for the replies; no Autozone in my little town, so I think I’ll need to get a scanner. I appreciate the suggestions!

Check with your favorite auto parts store. A lot of times they will do the scan for free or loan you the tool (O’Reilly’s does this) to run the scan at no charge. A small local store may do it but not advertise, so ask questions and check around.