Subaru 2005 outback

check engine light on and blinking cruise control light. car runs well. “fixed” once 4 months ago via “induction cleaning.” situation now repeating

This can only be answered properly after you have had the car’s OBD2 system scanned for stored trouble codes, which can be done free-of-charge at places like Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, etc. Once you have the code(s), then come back to this same thread to report them. The codes will be in the format of “P0123”.

When you return, you will also need to provide the other missing information, namely odometer mileage, engine type, transmission type, and an indication of the car’s maintenance history. Please don’t give us a general statement on maintenance such as “the car has been well-maintained”, as that general type of characterization frequently proves to be untrue.

I would suggest that you bookmark this thread so that you can readily find it when you return with the trouble codes and other information.

You need the codes checked as stated.

Don’t worry about the blinking cruise control and possbily abs light. The cruise gets disabled when Check engine light is on and blinks. The ABS light does this too. When the check engine light is cleared or error goes away the cruise flashing will shut off and operation as needed resumes. ABS does a similar thing.

The code will lead us to better questions that prior maintenance or lack thereof contribute. Free method auto parts stores with advice that may be woefully wrong. A mechanic will give a diagnosis for a fee(free to $100 usually). My dealer charges $40 for diagnostic/code read. I believe they waive the fee more or less if you fix it there.