OBD1 1992 Subaru Reader



My 1992 Subaru Loyale with +213,000 miles turned the “Check Engine” light on. I haven’t noticed any difference in performance, no drop in oil pressure, higher temperature, or low battery. . She accelerates and drives the way she did before the light came on. The light doesn’t flash, it just stays on for an arbitrary period of time and occasionally shuts off or actually doesn’t turn on. Could this be an O2 sensor? EGR? Is there a quick and INEXPENSIVE way to get my computer scanned? The cheapest place in town who can still do OBD1 is $80! Do I fork over the money, and find out the problem is just a short in the “Check Engine” light? Any cheap after-market scanners? McGuyver-ish techniques?




Here’s a link that describes how to retrieve the codes from your OBDI Subaru. http://www.extreme-check-engine-light-codes.com/Subaru%20OBD1%20Decoder.htm



Also, here is a link to a video that will be helpful:


Thanks, but it doesn’t work.


It works just fine for me.
Does anyone else have a problem accessing that video?


Oh, the video works just fine. But replicating the video in real life doesn’t work. I try shorting it out, and I’ve pretty much used every combination. This technique doesn’t work. .



I can’t find the self diagnostic wires, or the memory. .


I got a basic scanner at Pep Boys a few years ago for about $40.00, just saw one on Amazon for $30.00 I have used it several times on my old car and also helped friends out. So far my simple scanner has always read the codes and reset them when appropriate. Advance, Auto Zone and stores like that sometimes still will read codes on your car for free hoping to sell you the parts to fix it.


Do you know the name of your scanner? The automotive stores in my town don’t have OBD I scanners. They’ve all moved to OBD II. The ones that I have seen for sale are over $100. . .


Amazon has U380 OBDII Check Engine Auto Scanner Trouble Code Reader for $30.00,


I should have read a bit closer, the OBDII readers are inexpensive, the OBD1’s are pricey. Sorry about the confusion


The problem with OBD-1 was the car makers all used different connectors!! A Nightmare…You almost need a Subaru specific scan-tool. The better scantools came with a whole bundle of different “pig-tails” and lengthy scanning procedures…

You can almost be certain your problem is oxygen sensor, EGR valve or catalytic converter related. Your only real worry is passing an emissions test…Until then, drive on…


Try this: http://www.iwsti.com/forums/how-install/162705-retrieving-trouble-codes-without-obd-reader-83-99-a.html

This forum should have something http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/index.php


I’d really like to thank everyone for the help! But so far, I’ve found that there isn’t any connectors under the driver-side dash. I’ve taken all the panels out, and can’t find the diagnostic/memory connectors anywhere. My chilton manual says nothing about how to do this, and all the manuals that I’ve looked at online show green connectors for diagnostic mode, and black connectors for memory. Is it possible that these are on the right side of the car? Or in the engine-bay by the firewall? It seems that my 92 is drastically different from my friend’s 93!
I had a feeling that the problem was either oxygen sensor, or the EGR valve. . . I didn’t think of the catalytic converter, because I’ve experienced a bad one before. . . I agree that this probably isn’t the biggest problem, but I’d really like to nip it in the butt. . . I really want to repair my car on my own, and not have to pay for shop visits.



I posted some information about inexpensive code readers that utilize any laptop computer. Basically a USB to OBD interface cable and a utility scan program. They are available on e-Bay for under $25. I saw some OBD-1 dtuff also…My thread over on the “General” board was deleted as spam I guess…