My comments are disappearing

The past few days, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon . . .

I’ve successfully posted comments, yet a few days later, they’re gone, as if they never existed

There was no vulgar language

There were no insults

I really don’t see a reason why they would just disappear

Anybody else been having this problem?

I’ve had that happen once or twice. I’m sure it’s just a glitch and not Carolyn. :wink:

Thanks for the info

I’m also inclined to think it’s just a glitch

I was just curious if anybody else had experienced it

I did experience this once or twice in the past, and–like you–I had not posted anything controversial in the posts that disappeared. I think this is just some unexplainable web-based phenomenon.

Maybe it’s just a sign of old age. Fortunately some of mine have disappeared too.

Hey, @db4690‌, Mike had this happen about a month or so ago. When I get home let me look to see if it got swept into the moderation queue somehow…it’s sort of like the dryer eating socks sometimes. It remains unexplained, and I can’t always find where they went. Can you give me an idea what discussion to look into?

And this, of all weekends, for things to disappear…I swear on a stack of service manuals, as I have in the past - I don’t delete or close without telling those involved!

Do you think anyone will catch me? :wink:

I’ve had it happen recently too.
If it happens again I’ll forward specifics. Might help track down the comment eater.

Yes, please do track the specifics, because anytime I submit vague support issues, I’m asked to quantify and describe the issue. Thank you.

@db4690, I didn’t find any comments in the mod or spam queues. If you can tell me which threads, I will do my best to look into it. We didn’t get the logouts issue fixed until it was duplicated, so I remain doggedly optimistic we can have some improvements with the right data.

(Does the squeaky wheel actually get the grease, or is that just a saying?)

On this forum it gets grease, bearing replacement, new brakes, a bushing or two, and maybe even a new car! {:slight_smile:

Oh, and occasionally a debate about the country’s founding documents…

“it’s sort of like the dryer eating socks sometimes.”

I’m still short 1 blue sock and 1 black sock . . .

Don’t worry about the missing comments

It wasn’t that important

“Does the squeaky wheel actually get the grease”

Depends on the wheel

Sometimes, it gets replaced . . . if that wheel is an idler pulley, for instance . . .

I hope the latter doesn’t apply to people, as well

Tell you the truth I really usually don’t remember what I responded to. Kind of like Reagan said about meeting all the new people every day, or never worrying about not having a new book to read-just keep reading the same one again.

TSM, I did get a kick out of your comment (and its addendum). I guess I won’t debate whether the squeaky wheel has a right to the grease as the Founders intended.

@db4690, fair enough. The forum has done many odd things. If it begins eating your socks and your comments, that, to my mind, is a far greater nightmare than a self-driving car. Please advise if you do want the disappearing comments to be looked into. :slight_smile:

Had it happen a good many times,does anyone besides Carolyn have the ability or authority to do this?-Kevin

Right now, I’m the only one with administrator privileges who’s in here every day. If you can recall some of the posts when it happens, I’ll gladly look into it, but I will need info. There’s no organized effort or directive to delete random posts, and I will tell you if I am deleting or closing. I wish I’d known it was more widespread than it appeared.