Delay in posts?

Is there a delay in posts you make appearing while they are screened for stuff? I seem to have remembered reading that but can’t find it. I had a post to disappear perhaps.

The OP’s can edit their own posts. Maybe that is what you’re noticing.
A post appears one way at first, then later the OP edits it, and then it appears differently, or I think the OP can delete their already posted post too.

By disappear I mean I punched the “post comment” button, my 15 minute concocted epistle vanished and never reappeared anywhere! What is an OP ?

Ah yeah, I’ve had that happen. I think you time out and the computer rejects it. Need to try and be concise and get to the major points without undue wordiness. Unless you are just trying to lighten things up or pull someones leg. What I do sometimes is just do a “copy” of the text before submitting it. Then if it is lost, you can just “paste” it back into the reply box again and try it. Normally goes the second time.

I have an old Dell with 64Mb of ram and 550 Mhz processor. It does this for any command that I give it. My new computer reacts instantly. Maybe you need a new computer.

“OP” is the original poster. And I’m pretty sure there’s no delay by the site.

@Dugitsbane … Ok, I see, it is your own attempted post that didn’t show up. I’ve had that happen occasionally. I’ve always assumed it is just an internet hiccup or something. 99% of the time my posts appear first time though. Maybe you should just try again. Also, remember there are four separate forums on this site. You can see a list of them on the upper right hand part of this page, under “topics”. Make sure you look for your post in the forum in which you posted it.

Aha, the post did finally show up! Someone must have disengaged the “good taste” filter on the server as my original rant finally did pop up. Thanks for the tips, I have a new computer and I also frequently copy and paste whatever i am composing in an online box.

I keep being told that the moderator must approve my posts before they are seen. I wonder why this is.