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Missing topic

In the wee hours of this morning I received an email notification that another poster had replied to me. Several hours later when I clicked on the “Go to discussion” link I arrived at a notice saying the discussion didn’t exist. I looked for the discussion in the usual places and couldn’t find it. Did the mods delete the discussion? Does this happen often?

I really don’t understand why anyone would want an email notification . If the post is gone it was deleted by the poster or it was Spam or not even important to start with.

Threads getting locked is common, I see the author has withdrawn the post and it will be deleted within 24 hours, maybe that is what happened.

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The thread was in “Ask someone who owns one” and there were maybe three replies last time I checked, including one by me, hence the notification. Even if the OP had deleted his post wouldn’t the others still be there? And I can still see locked threads. This one is just gone. The OP got his answer so it doesn’t matter to me but it’s a bit of a mystery.

Hi. That’s weird. I don’t know if John had deleted it, but it wasn’t me. We review them at different times of the day, and I delete the ones that really make no sense. but if there’s a response I’ll keep them because the poster might come back. I should add that I went through our mod activity logs and don’t see any deleted between last night and this morning.

Twilight Zone.

Just because every day is Friday, a little music to hijack the thread.

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Golden Earring was one of my favorite 70s groups.

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I vividly remember ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Radar Love’. I know they had other decent songs which are lost in my fading memories. Today I was trying to remember a song I liked but could not recall the title or any lyrics. It was not Golden Earring…

Thanks. I enjoyed that. I was thinking in terms of Manhattan Transfer though:

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Good, keep thinking watching golden earring, Lou Ferrigno on bass and a muppet on drums, Sylvester stallone on 1 guitar, just me, the cars never did this song (Car realated?) @sgtrock21 give me a tiny clue maybe it will ring my bell, no not going to post a video of that song by Anita Ward