My 2009 Honda Pilot wont go into drive!?

While my wife was driving tonight the VSA light went on, the emergency brake light went on, and the “D” for drive was flashing green. She stopped the car and called me. One the Car was in park, it would not go back into the Drive, and it continued to flash green. I’ve tried pulling fuses, disconnecting the battery. The other issue is that The hazard lights will not work and the turning blinker will not function. i have determined its an electrical issue. other than that I’m clueless. Any help will be appreciated. thanks

I popped the button just below port just below the shifter and manually put in drive and drove it home… Big thanks to the Tow Truck guy for that hack!!!

I bet you need a transmission pressure switch. I’ve been told it’s a common problem.

thank you!

I have a 2009 pilot with 118k on it. For more info go to This is a great forum.

A flashing “D” is the check transmission light. You can plug in a scanner to the port below your steering wheel and read the code and it will point you i the right direction. AutoZone and some other parts stores will read your code for free if you like (except in California) and with that, you can figure out what it is you need.

Try cleaning the battery posts and terminals. You might get lucky.