Blinking "drive" gear button

Have a 2004 honda pilot- 80,000 miles -no major problems- am starting to notice thet the “drive” gear button is flashing while i’m driving- no problems with shifting from Park to reverse to drive- am afraid this is a transmission issue- need to go to get it ‘scanned’ to find the problem, right? Please advise as i do not trust most honda service repair shops

I suspect that your owner’s manual explains what you need to do here. Flashing lights are usually bad and normally mean that you need to immediately seek repair before more damage is done.

Thanks- I realize it needs to be taken in -am just trying to fiqure out where as almost all of our honda service depts have received horrible reviews for their service. Anyone know of knowledgeable repair shops that can help diagnose the problem? I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area -thanks for any feedback1