2007 Honda CR-V flickering transmission light

D light honda crv 2007 keeps on flickering

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BTW, what’s a “D light”?

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Drive light in dashboard ( automatic transmission ) keep turning on and off even if you put in park / reverse etc.

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What are you calling a drive light? This??

If this light is flashing there is something seriously wrong with your car! It Means STOP driving the car NOW!

Have it towed to a shop where the mechanic can read the trouble codes from the engine.

It’s not the check engine light.

it’s the light indicating in when the shifter is placed in park / reverse / neutral drive.

it’s the drive ( D ) light keep on blinking.

OK, that flashing light is the error code for the transmission. Your automatic transmission needs service. It is time to take it to the dealer to have the codes read. It could be a s simple as a pressure sensor in the transmission or something more serious.

Many thanks for your explanation / advise and will do !

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