Blinking "D" on Honda Pilot


The D (drive) keeps blinking on our 2003 Honda Pilot. The scan does not show anything. Anyone had this same problem and know what it is?


Did you take it to a transmission shop to diagnose or did you take it to your local auto parts store to read the codes?? If you didnt, then I would take it to a transmission shop. Sometimes it takes a SCANNER and not just a code reader to find a problem in a transmission computer. How is the transmission functioning otherwise?? Is it shifting ok?? Are you noticing any other issues??



I can tell you that the Owner’s Manual for my Accord stated that a flashing “D” on the transmission quadrant indicated an electronic fault in the transmission and that failure to remediate that electronic fault could lead to mechanical damage to the transmission. I would assume that the Owner’s Manual for the Pilot would have similar verbiage, so the question (to which I think I know the answer) is:

Have you read your Owner’s Manual regarding the warning lights and controls for your vehicle?

If you have never consulted the Owner’s Manual, I can tell you that it is a wealth of information regarding the safe operation and the maintenance of any vehicle, and the owner who does not read this book eventually pays the price in terms of problems that could have been avoided. Even if you have never looked at the manual previously, this would be a good time to do so.

So–I would suggest that you have that transmission checked a.s.a.p., before more damage results, and you should definitely avoid all “chain” transmission shops. There is an extended (silent) warranty on the transmission on many Honda models, due to ongoing issues with their transmissions. In case your Pilot is one of those models, you should really take it to the dealership. While you are sitting in the waiting area, you can start to read that Owner’s Manual!


The transmission shop has scanned it with three different “scanners,” or so they say. Here’s the thing: It has been blinking for several months, but they could not find any codes using the scanner. The owner’s manual warns that it indicates engine trouble, though, so I was persistant. Nothing. Finally the blinking d was accompanied by a check engine light. They found transmission issue, and $2,800 later… They said that the blink should stop. No luck – it keeps going. A code then showed up that told them they needed to “flash it.” They had to take it to the Honda dealership to do that, and they paid for it. But, you guessed it, it is still flashing. I now think it is electrical/bad sensor, but I don’t really want to take it to the Honda dealership and spend $1,000 to find out…


Read my response above. I have read the owner’s manual, and the transmission shop has had it (and replaced the transmission) on a number of occassions. The blinking won’t stop, and they can’t find a code. Thanks.