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2002 Honda Odyssey - Blinking D

The “D” Drive light starts blinking sometime and won’t stop until I turn off the engine. Car has 135,00 miles on it. What causes this and would it be a problem? Its just annoying now.

It is probably some type of transmission code. Is there a check engine light on as well? If so, have that read.

I am not familiar with any Honda diagnostic codes but does the flashing have any type of pattern? For example, does it flash three times, take a short pause, and then flash four more times? That would probably be a code 34. Also, you may get several short flashes followed by several long flashes.

My GF’s old car had a transmission range sensor/neutral safety switch go out. The car went into limp mode and the gear indicator illuminated that it was in all gears, park, neutral, and reverse all at the same time. There was also a check engine light indicating the transmission range sensor was bad. It was a simple part to swap and all was well afterwards.

This means your transmission set a code. You need to take it to a shop that can read transmission codes on your Odyssey.

Thank you so much for your reply. The check engine light does not come on at all. It is only the “D” Drive green light that blinks. Once it start blinking it won’t stop until I turn off the engine, and the blinking is constant with no pause. Also, I have to wait for the engine to cool off before turning it on again, otherwise the Drive green light will still blink.

It does not affect the operation of the vehicle; just curious as to why the “D” light blinks.

Replace the transmission range sensor.That is why its flashing.

The problem might due to a faulty 4th gear pressure switch.


Thanks to your recommendation. I’ll have it tested by my Honda specialist.

The owners manual probably explains what the flashing D means.

does your overdrive work at higher speeds? does tach indicate usual rpm at highway speed?