My 2001 Grand Am SE

My Grand Am is getting old. Here are a few problems that I wonder how to solve:

1) The radio- Doesn’t seem to pull in any stations anymore. I’ve switched the antenna with no luck…also, I can “hear” the heater in the form of excess static.

2) The CD- When making a right-turn(and only a right turn), the CD player emits a loud scratching/popping noise.

3) My turn signal has become a little ADD. When I signal it blinks like crazy or just emits a steady screech/buzz instead of the normal tic-tic-tic (As a musician, it drives me nuts!)

4) My Cruise Control has died…The light goes on, but nobody’s home.

Please help!

Items 1 & 2: Go to Best Buy or some similar business and buy a new CD player. They will install it for a fee.

Item 3: IF all the bulbs are good, I’d suspect the turn signal switch. They can cause all kinds of weird intermittant issues.

Item 4: Check to see if the cable that attaches to the throttle linkage is still attached. It may just need to be snapped back into place, or it may need to be replaced.