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2014 Chevrolet Camaro - Stuck CD - Who to turn to?

My radio / CD player has been quitting on me mid song in the radio and with these power shorts it appears the cd is stuck in the player and won’t eject even though the display is receiving the command

When I restart the car it got radio back playing temporarily - who would be best suited to service problem since it appears to be wiring / short issue?

An auto sound store would probably be best. Every major city has at least one, and many towns do also.

You may need to just replace the head unit (stereo).

I recommend checking out Crutchfield for your options.

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I take on these challenges from time to time.

When u decide u cant live with it anymore… remove the radio… and take it apart.

Its not difficult to remove a stuck cd actually. You just need to be brave enough to take it on. I have removed countless cd’s stuck over the years… granted I do have a fair bit of “related experience” but still… its a fairly simple affair.

I’ve removed a few stuck CDs by removing and replaceing any fuse related to radio operation; mainly the main power fuse and the one for the memory. Never took the time to analyze why; just did it to see what happened and it worked.
It’s also quite possible there’s an internal glitch in the head due to dirt, vibration, etc that will require replacement of the head unit. The fuse thing is just kind of a last gasp to see what might happen.

try a credit card and scotch tape or electrical tape. Wrap the tape around a credit card with the sticky side facing out. Slide it into the cd slot and maybe the cd will slide out. You might hit the eject button while you are doing it and see if that helps

It sounds like it’s time to replace the car stereo. And nothing is looks and works better than a genuine factory unit, so a trip to the “you pull it” junkyard is in order. First, look online for the instructions, and list of necessary tools to remove the stereo. Make sure to bring a decent assortment of tools, in addition to whatever tools are mentioned in the online instructions/youtube video.

Then, go to the “you pull it” yard and pull and purchase another one. Now that you have experience removing the stereo (from the junkyard car), now do it on your car, and install the junkyard unit. Finally, take the old one apart and recover your CD.