Infinity CD stereo lights stay on

Kia amanti 2004. My CD player lights stay on no matter what because a CD is jammed inside. The player is basically broken due to recall on this car.

My question is, if i remove the stereo, is there a specific plug that disables the CD player completely? And ONLY the CD player. I don’t need it.

The only way I can listen to radio is if I keep plugging a fuse in. But that drais the battery

I beleive the CD is a seperate unit from your radio and will have its own power plug. Looks like a double DIN radio. Look on YouTube for a video on how to.remove the radio allowing you to reach the CDs plug. this video shows it’s separate. I just hope one of the plugs disconnect the CD player only

The audio receiver and CD changer appear to be separate units, with vehicles of this era there is usually a jumper harness between the receiver and CD changer, you should be able to disconnect the CD changer.

I wonder if there are coins in the CD changer. I have removed many radios from mini vans in particular that had a radio full of coins. People leave children in vehicles for a few minutes and the kids pick up the coins and insert them into the slot.

What sort of recall damaged the CD changer?

No radio
The person before me who had it had a CD inside of it and when I pressed the “disc” button it malfunctioned. (There’s no way to get the disc out I damaged the motor) but this car is historically known for the CD player to act out of wack; we it is 16 years old with a 6 disc changer, so not really surprised.

I don’t even want to use the CD player but I’d like FM station . But the CD player doesn’t turn off unless I pull a fuse, and that fuse disables radio as well.

I’m just hoping there’s a plug in the back of the radio that disables the CD Ayer so I can at least use my cassette aux and radio. Will have to try this week

But pleanty of people have had the same issue.

Remove the unit…take it apart and remove the CD… technically its broken so you cannot hurt it…and if you do not damage anything in the process, it will probably function again. I’ve removed stuck CD’s from so many different units I cant possibly recall all of them. It’s not that difficult to do actually. Many times you can do it without disassembly…you need to make some clever tools.

The thin flat stainless steel backbones of windshield wipers comes to mind…I still have those floating around my work areas…just for this purpose.

This is a common problem with CD units. You can have your’s repaired or you can purchase a replacement unit if you want to. Watching the video, you can see the plug you are talking about for the CD unit at 4:18. Just unplug it and you should be okay with just leaving the CD player dead.

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I plan to remove the plug thanks. Someone in the comment section said they did the same thing and it worked