Movies on the Navigation system?


I’ve got a 2002 Acura TLS with a Navigation system. The unit in the trunk has the DVD logo on it. If I stick a movie in, will it play on the screen? Will it hurt anything if I try?


It’s illegal to have a dvd screen within the drivers view.

Crissake, think a minute.


What can it hurt to try? Either it will read the disk, and give you viewing options or start playing the audio, or it will not recognize it, and not allow you to select any choices other than eject.


You can try, but I believe it just stores the map data on a DVD. You can fit a road map of the USA on a DVD, but if you needed another region, you’d probably have to put in a different DVD.


A it would be illegal unless you were parked and likely it would not function as the DVD’s are used to load updated map information into them and likely it does not have the capability to play a video DVD.