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No maps for 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

Purchased a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan R/T which has no maps.
What do I do?

I guess yours has built in navigation system.
No maps may mean the unit is dead.
Could require an update.
You could simply use your phone or get a stand alone unit if the rest of your infotainment unit functions.

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I guess you are saying the navigation does not work. Now you know why it was for sale as those factory units are costly to replace or update. Purebred is correct use your phone or get a stand alone unit with free updates .


Are you sure you HAVE a navigation system??

One message I get is you need detailed maps and another message says maps locked. I have received the map update today so maybe that will tell the story.

Did it work?

Is this a navistae app? You may ned to subscribe

Use your phone. It’s better than the Dodge Nav system.

Paper maps are better the most vehicles GPS.

… and they are so convenient to refer to while driving…

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Perfect for paper maps.

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How on earth did we ever figure out how to even get out of the driveway on our own back in the day without a GPS system barking out directions.

It is funny. Pre GPS days for long trips I would get AAA strip maps. But with those I still had to make a couple of calls to get out of North Carolina.

That map table seems a lot more distracting than a GPS of any sort. My iPhone talks to me in addition to showing a magnified map much closer to the road in front of me than a map in the lap.

A distraction from what? That steering wheel tray is only to be used while the vehicle is parked. It is intended as a place to rest your electronic device while reading or typing.

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I’m thinking it was a joke…

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When using my GPS, I only look at the screen if I am stopped at a traffic light.
When I am driving, the audio cues regarding an upcoming exit, or where to turn, are essentially the same as listening to a passenger who is helping to navigate, but the GPS is probably doing it more accurately than a passenger.

I always look at the map screen whenever we take a trip. My wife is driving, of course, and that’s fine with me. I’m a much better back seat driver than she is.