CD player

I have a DVD of a movie musical, and I like the music of this movie. Can I insert this disk in my car CD player and get the music sound of this disk? Would I do any damage to my car CD player or to the disk itself? Thank you very much.

Unless your in-dash unit is a split CD/DVD player, no, you can not play DVDs in it. Data is stored a little bit differently on DVDs than it is on CDs. Your unit would probably just spit the DVD back out…or there’s a small chance it might get stuck in there. Worst case scenario, gnomes would come out of the unit and beat you with little copper hammers.

That last bit is pure speculation.

I won’t play, and it shouldn’t do any damage. I think you are going to have to go buy the soundtrack CD (unless you have the capability of hacking the DVD on your computer and burning your own audio CD).

Nope. Buy the soundtrack in CD format.