Screenless DVD

In an 'o4 Town and /Country, Ihave a DVD player but no screen. Now, I don’t need this thing but it does puzzle me. It is in the bottom of the center cluster, beneath the radio. There are red, white and yellow RCA jacks. No screen in the ceiling or the back of the front seats. I’m sure they put it there to look at, not just for looks. The used car dealer was stumped. Said he’d had a Pacifica with the same setup. What’s the deal? Does anyone know?

It is illegal to mount DVD screens within the drivers view. At least it is here in Ontario.

I believe what you have there is a GPS.

Does this car have a Sat Nav (GPS) system? If so, it’s probably where the system gets the street and map information from. If you ever need to update that data, you just pop out the old DVD and put in the new one. Also if you ever travel out of the area of coverage, you may need a different DVD.

I’m not quite sure what the RCA jacks would be for, though.

Chrysler has been doing this for the past few years. It is not for a navigation system, it is the same unit they use for the DVD systems that mount above the seats. I would guess that you can also play audio cd’s in the unit, which might be all it would do in your particular application.

The red, white, and yellow jacks are outputs for right and left audio, and video respectively. At least that how it is on my VCR and portable DVD player. It might be possible to connect a video screen to the outputs. Perhaps the owner’s manual might explain this better.

Ed B.

Yes, there is GPS - but I don’t have a disc for it, just a case! No owners manual either, though the car guy is trying to locate one for me. Thanks.

Need to get one of those - an owner’s manual.

Is there anything in the mystery DVD player?

Nothing ejects but I tried to insert a disc and it won’t take it. So, the plot thickens.


I’ll check it out. Thanks.