Toyota LandCruiser j20 navigation setup


I’ve recently bought a 2005 Toyota LandCruiser j20 Prado (automatic transmission).
My navigation system is giving me a message: “Please insert the correct map disc.”
I have located the cd rom under the passenger’s seat but am having trouble figuring out
what kind of software I need to burn on what kind of disc (cd, dvd, etc…).

So basically I need help - directions towards finding out on how to resolve this issue.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you eject the disc to see if it was correct or missing? Generally when that message is displayed, the disc drive has failed.

Will try that first thing tomorrow. Still figuring out how to eject it - I suppose there’s a button.

If I fond a FD how am I supposed to identify if it’s the proper one?

If no CD - how can I figure out what software I need for it to work properly?

I went through the 300 page manual - no mentions of it.

Kind thanks!

A new disk from the dealer will be expensive.You may be able to buy a disk from someone who has purchased an updated disk. Try eBay.

EDIT: Toyota Land Cruiser (2004 2005 2006) Navigation GPS Map Disc

Navigation discs are for specific regions. If you buy a disc, be sure it is for your area. Prado is Europe/Asia.