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Mother's 2004 honda cr-v electrical mayhem

ok the car is a honda cr-v with around 109k miles on it. and for a while now the truck open light(or hatch it lights for both) comes on nonstop when driving. itll flash if you go over any small niche in the road and itll come on and stay on while acceleration so pretty much anything the cars weight is shifted backwards. how do i fix this?

problem number two. the vent control seems to be malfunctioning you turn the air on and itll increase in speed as you go up but after the midway point instead of blowing faster the air slows down to the point where max on the nob is as low as it can be. whats going on?

  1. the light switch may be dirty. (It may be located somewhere on the vehicle hatch frame as a plunger type or is incorporated into the hatch latch itself.

When you locate it, spray liberally with an electrical contact cleaner and work the switch to clean the contacts.

  1. My guess here is the blower motor needs a new resistor block. It handles the fan speeds.

contact cleaner i can get at an autozone right? and the resistor block wouldnt happen to be located by the fan would it or is there no such thing as easy these days. (that made no sense)

Yes to both. The resistor block is normally attached to the blower motor housing.

ok when she gets back from her weeekend getaway ill pull the fan and look at the resistor block.