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2004 honda cr-v electrical (repost)

ok the car is a honda cr-v with around 109k miles on it. and for a while now the trunk open light(or hatch it lights for both) comes on nonstop when driving. itll flash if you go over any small niche in the road and itll come on and stay on while acceleration so pretty much whenever the cars weight is shifted backwards. how do i fix this?

problem number two. the vent control seems to be malfunctioning you turn the air on and itll increase in speed as you go up but after the midway point instead of blowing faster the air slows down to the point where max on the nob is as low as it can be. whats going on?

If there is an adjustment for the switch used for the trunk door try adjusting it. The switch also may have dirty contacts and need to be cleaned.

The blower problem may be due to a bad speed control module. I assume you have the variable speed control rather than the limitied 3 speed type. If that is correct then there is a solid state speed controller for the blower and it may be bad. I would first make sure that the adjustment control is working correctly before changing the module.

thanx ill look and clean the contacts. and on the control module it is variable and by working correctly i assume you mean the speed changes with each turn?