Honda Civic 2008 Ventilation Problem

My car has an odd problem where if i start put the contact, my ventilation will come out. However, sometimes, I will have no control over it (heat/cold, where it comes out, flow of it). The green LEDs of the ventilation don’t light up too. What will come out is what I set it to last time I used the car. The problem usually goes away after a 5-15min ride. I gain control again.
I did change the ventilation control unit, but the problem is still there.

Edit: I live in Quebec and, perhaps, the cold could have an influence. I can’t tell for sure though. Problem usually happens in the morning / evening.

Perhaps somebody else can decode exactly what that means, but I haven’t a clue regarding whatever you are trying to communicate to us.

I mean turn the key to have power (ventilation, radio, 12V, etc) and also start the engine. The ventilation will work. But it will have the problem that I explained.
Pardon me, I’m french canadian.

Is there any chance this is a newly acquired used vehicle with auto temp? Because I really don’t understand your problem. And this might require a dealer to reset the system.

I’m sorry, the problem is like so odd.
So step by step,
I turn on the engine,
Air will come out of the ventilation
BUT, I will have no control over it for several minutes.
(A/C, air flow, temperature, air exit)

So let’s say I used the A/C one day. The next day, if the problem happens, I will not be able to turn it off after I start the engine. I will not have any control over the whole ventilation for the next 5-15min.