Honda Civic issue

I’m asking this for my brother…he has a 2001 Honda Civic manual with 166k miles. He said he turned on the AC and was using it for a few minutes when the AC stopped blowing. No air has came out of the vents and he tried all the fan speeds using all defrost, floor, vent, etc. No air has came out since then. Was curious if it could be the blower motor or resistor in the control panel? Checked the fuse for the blower motor and it’s still good. Any ideas??

It’s not the resistor as the fan would still work on high. It could be as simple as the plug at the blower motor (I have a corroded one owing to an old water leak. I have to juggle it once in a while). Or it’s the motor itself or the switch. The best way to find out is with a voltmeter or test light. Look for 12V at the fan connector with the switch on. If you get 12V there, then the blower motor is probably dead. But you can also run a direct 12V to it and see what it does.

Offhand, sounds like the blower motor has given up. This should be easy enough to check and if accessed, banging on the blower housing could be attempted to see if the jolt stirs it into signs of life.

Okay. Where would the blower motor be located on this car?

Should be underneath the dash on the passenger side. The lower kick panel above where the feet rest will need to be removed and that should provide enough access to give it a whack.