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Interior light electric problem in Honda CR-V Ideas?

Have a problem with a couple electric items in my 2001 Honda CR-V.
The interior dome light no longer comes on when I open any of the doors. HOWEVER, when I turn the key off, the dome light DOES come on, stays on for a few seconds or until I open any door.
Ideas what causes this? Fuse? Circuit board? Short in one of the door sensors?
This seemed to have started sometimes after I got it back from a body shop from a minor collision that affected the sheet metal only, did not require major mechanical fixing.
The clock in the center of the dash went out… maybe at the same time, perhaps just similar time. Have not been able to confirm if it works when removed from the car.

I think you have bad door switches. Try to check them.

All failed simultaneously?
And when the car is turned off, the light comes on UNTIL any of the doors are opened, so the door switches can turn the light OFF just not on.

Check and see if the dome light switch is set to DOOR, and not OFF.



Folks, I know how the switches work, it has been in all 3 settings and nothing.
Looking for something more. Something unusual.

Then the only other thing that can prevent the dome light from coming on when any of the doors are opened is the Multiplex Integrated Control Unit located in fuse box under the dash.


First tell us how it is supposed to work. On my Corolla it’s very simple. If a door is open, the dome light automatically comes on. And it comes on irrespective of the doors if I manually switch it on using a switch up on the ceiling next to the dome light.

How is your car different from this? When everything is working. For example, when everything was working correctly, did the dome light come on (& for how long) when you turned the key OFF, absent any door openings?

There we go, I’ll look for that thanks.

On my CR-V dome light issue- the dome lights can be turned on manually with a switch on the light, and the other 2 positions turn them off always and to auto which is supposed to turn them on when the doors open (not working) AND when the key is turned from the running to the off position.

THIS is the curiosity. Because when the switch is in auto and the car is turned off the lights come on for a few seconds or until the doors are opened. So the door switches work because they can turn OFF the automatic lights, but they do not turn them on. It must be in the control panel because they automatic feature works, just not to turn them on.