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Modifying exhaust

I’m thinking of putting the mrt v2 performance exhaust on my 2015rs. is this a good choice? thanks susan


You’ll want to find a Camaro forum, where you’ll have a much better chance of contacting folks that know about specific exhaust systems.

But if you’re doing it for performance (instead of just more noise), don’t bother. Cat-back exhaust systems have very little impact on performance.


If that is the V6 version 2 axle back peroformance exhaust system, I’m skeptical. They say that the weight savings is 30 pounds over stock and that will translate into accelerate, brake, and corner faster. The car weighs around 3700 pounds. The weight savings is less than 1% and that translates into more money for them and no noticeable improvement in any performance parameter they mention. If the improved sound justifies the $600 plus installation, then get it, but you already have great performance from that 323 hp engine you have under the hood.


I agree. My neighbor put cat-back systems on his Taurus and his Explorer. Neither goes any faster, but now they both sound like junkers going by.

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Agree with the other posters. Cat-backs are about sound, not performance. And sound is VERY subjective to you, the driver. What I might find cool, might drive you bonkers or vice versa.

If you want to hear how it sounds before you buy it, search for YouTube videos with audio comparisons. And check Camaro forums to see what others think about it in real life - drone on the highway being a BIG one in my book!

One below;

I have long since quit modifying the exhaust systems in my vehicles. I like for my neighbors to use all five fingers when they wave at me.


Good advice above to seek out a Camaro specific forum. Changing the exhaust system involves issues both about the fitment, whether/how it might interfere with other components in the engine compartment & under the car, and with the vehicle’s function, whether it is compatible with the engine computer software and installed sensors. I think there are magazines geared to Camaro’s specifically also. Browse through one of those and write down the telephone numbers of pertinent vendors is a another idea. I think Hot Rod magazine did an article on the new Camaro a few months ago. Your local public library probably has it on the shelves.

Changing the cat-back system causes no issues with the engine control, just more noise and about no performance increase. Replacing anything more (cat, manifolds, etc.) is technically illegal, not worth it.

thanks for the help guys. think I’ll leave it alone. maybe record a mustang 5.0 strap it under the hood next to a nice speaker and slap a nitrous sticker on the side window. a muscle car should sound like a muscle car. shame on chevolet.

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Nothing wrong with liking a different sound. But most V6 engines will never sound like a V8. Like mentioned above, watch a few videos with aftermarket systems on Camaros with V6 engines. If one sounds great to you, maybe it’s worth doing.

Change the exhaust system or not, your Camaro will still sound better than a fart can on a 4-cylinder ricer.


As long as it doesn’t wake babies (and snoozing old men) or aggravate all the neighbors. :grin:

Very true. Most youngsters don’t understand that V8s typically have different crankshaft timing than sixes, and they never will sound the same.

NOTE: before someone mentions it, there are two different kinds of “crankshaft timing”. The first refers to the operation of a spark or valve relative to top dead center (TDC). The one I’m referring to is how far around the crankshaft rotates between ignition pulses, how separated the “cranks” are. That one is critical to the engine’s sound and is built into the engine’s design. No new exhaust system can alter it.

My preferred pipes are sidepipes, often called “lakepipes”. But they’re illegal in NH. :relaxed:
At a car show I talked with a guy who has a '72 Vega exactly like the one I had converted to a smallblock V8 with beautiful cast/milled aluminum Thrush sidepipes… but he told me he can’t hook them up and still be street-legal in NH. Damned shame. They’re gorgeous on that car.