Borla Exhaust

Anyone have any experience with Borla cat-back systems? Been thinking about one for my truck…

Good quality, google for videos to judge the sound. Don’t expect any real hp increase.

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No first hand experience. I’ve heard good quality, but they sure are pricey. I’ve had Magnaflow and Dynomax (Walker’s performance line) in the past. Oh yeah, also had a knockoff Flowmaster that was installed on one truck before I bought it. The 18” Magnaflow on a Dodge truck with a 360 and the Dynomax “Super Turbo” (dual exhaust) on an 89 Mustang GT. Both sounded pretty good and were fairly quiet at cruise speed. The fake Flowmaster was obnoxious at cruise speed. I think I’m over my “performance exhaust” days now. Unless I buy a sports car (not likely) or the muffler rots off of my truck.

I had a complete cat-back system with X pipe and FM 40s done on my Mustang at a muffler shop that bent their own tubes. Complete job with labor was less than a Borla Kit. Horse power gains are only at high RPMs. Note I should have gone with FM 50 or 60, the 40s resonate inside the car-very annoying, but I got used to it, outside and under acceleration sounds great.

I have a Ford Racing sport catback on my Mustang. It’s made by Borla. IIRC it’s similar to the Borla S-Type. I like it. It’s not super aggressive like the Corsa Extreme, but there’s noticeably more volume and raspier tone than the factory exhaust.

My oldest son has a Borla cat-back on his '96 Camaro. It’s well built, looks good and sounds fantastic. It’s made of stainless and has a lifetime guarantee.
It gives the car a somewhat subdued growl.

Thanks for the good info. Sadly, good growl is what I’m after. No illusions of grand HP gains!

If the exhaust is in good shape and not rusted out, I’d recommend welding a muffler in place of the old one rather than buying the entire cat back system. I’ve done it both ways. Sounds the same. Performs the same.

Unless you want dual tips. Even then, I’d price it at a muffler shop.

Of course exhaust pipes often last the life of the vehicle in my area. Stainless would be more beneficial in other regions.