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Cat back exhaust

I have an Infiniti m35x 2006, the exhaust on it right now is the stock. I was considering doing an axle back on it (which I found plenty of aftermarket for this car) although when I was looking for the stuff to do a cat back I can’t find any aftermarket exhausts for this car (at least at a fair price) the cheapest I found was 1k. Does anyone know what exhaust systems will work on my car. I’m not doing an axle back because it won’t cause as much of a gain in performance and doing a cat back will really allow it to be much less restrictive. I don’t think very many people do a lot of modifications on this car but anyways who can help would be appreciated

I think you’ll be disappointed if you think you’ll gain much hp from a cat-back system. It’ll sound faster, that’s true…


An independent muffler shop with a tube bender can fabricate a cat back system. Performance gains won’t be much and only at the higher RPMs. I did it on my car but only for sound and appearance.

Not worth the cost and you will gain nothing but noise .

If you can find a performance magazine that has articles on souping-up Infinities, the advertising pages is where I’d be looking. For example …

BTW, I don’t see much bang for the buck. But take into account of my two vehicles, my newest is 28 years old … :wink:

I’ve installed some cat back exhausts. The problem is that the car owners were expecting a world of difference and they made no noticeable difference as far as power and performance. And yes, I’m familiar with the claims made as to what those systems will do.

If you want a noticeable difference it’s going to take a camshaft, cylinder head work and so on. As with most things automotive and modified, you usually give up something to gain something.

The questions you are asking will be addressed by the Infiniti enthusiast forums… there are plenty…and they are model specific… The people in there can guide you in regard to product to buy or not buy etc…they even trade parts…exhausts included.

All you will find here are guys who will rightfully tell you not to mess with it (as they have) the only thing a Cat Back will produce is more noise…kinda like cards in bicycle spokes and while the cards were fun and got a lot of waves from the neighbors… the exhaust will not do the same, instead of waves you will attract police attention as well as announce your comings and goings to those living near you, every time you go somewhere…

I say skip it…but check out the enthusiast sites to really answer your question in detail

The guys gave you accurate advice as well

I see okay thank you, I still think I want a cat back though

Hey man I appreciate the response, but like I’m not really asking about the practicality or anything. i want it to be loud like no offense it’s just I wanted to know what exhaust system I should buy for this. You’re right about the Infiniti enthusiasts I’ll check that out thank you :+1:

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard a good sounding VQ with an aggressive catback. Loud doesn’t necessarily equal an audibly pleasing exhaust note.

Definitely search and become a member at some Infiniti enthusiast sites. Not only can you buy used items, trade, make friends, fix common issues… One of the best things is that you can steer clear of junk items you might be thinking of buying. See those guys have been there, done that…so not only will they guide you to what you should buy… they will help you steer clear of what you shouldn’t… its a win win.

Dont get me wrong…I had my loud exhaust days too man. I’ve owned several engine swapped Hondas, 1.8T GTi 20th anniversary, Porsche, Saab’s, Turbo’d motorcycles… So…I get it. Do your thing, if the guys were honest they could say that they did their thing. when that thing was the thing… LOL


Oh and BTW… I think your vehicle is still and expensive one to mod…at least it was last I checked. So do your research

Oh they’ll be waving…just not using as many fingers!


How long after your “Loud Exhaust Days”, did it take before you noticed you weren’t getting pulled over by the police all the time? :smiley:

I stopped being hammered on as soon as I ceased being the nail that stuck up out of the board Grasshopper.