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New Non-Stock Exhaust Sysyem

So I have a 08’ Nissan Altima and I’m trying to find either an axle exhaust or cat-back, something along those lines, but I’m having trouble finding one, I have found an axle for a coupe but I have a sedan, 2.5L so if anyone could possible help me find an exhaust system that isn’t stock I would appreciate it.

P.S. some sights asked for trims which,my car is an S trim.

Borla only has one for the v6 and the Nismo exhaust for the Altima appears to be off the market. Thankfully Stillen has one for the 4cyl sedan for a little over $900

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Magnaflow and Borla makes them

Should I also get a new air intake system when I get the exhaust?

You don’t have to get a new intake with a new exhaust. Most are nearly worthless anyway.

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Okay thanks

Are you doing this for performance improvements? Because if you are, there’s no need to upgrade the exhaust until you’ve upgraded other things. All you’ll get is more noise, and sometimes a drop in power if you get the wrong stuff.


I want to get it cause my current exhaust makes a knocking when I’m around 20 MPH, now I would love it if someone told me performance parts to put in the car along with the exhaust, but I don’t want to like put a new engine and trans in in cause that will skyrocket insurance.

You have a 9 year old vehicle that was never a high performance item anyway. Just find a good muffler shop and let them solve the knocking problem and be done with it.

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I would but ever muffle shop has told me its the engine but my mechanic and my father and uncle who are also mechanics said it somewhere along the exhaust system, but they don’t work on mufflers because its not their speciality so in order to get it fixed the cheapest I got was around 2K worth of repairs because they said they will have to possible replace engine and muffler. I went to the junkyard and they didn’t have right exhaust system, so since I will have to buy one I want to get one that I know will not cause problems later down the line.

This makes no sense at all. Either you have an engine problem which installing a new exhaust system will not cure or you have two problems. Why are these muffler shops saying your engine is bad?

Because where I live we only have 2 garages that work on exhaust the next closes one is 28 miles away and if you book an appointment the closes you could get is like a week later.

You did not answer the question. Why is a shop saying you have engine problems and you are saying it is the exhaust system.

Ohhhh because I already had 3 mechanics that special in engines say it had nothing to do with that and said that it is somewhere along the exhaust system under my car

If those 3 mechanics knew what they were talking about, they should have been able to pinpoint exactly what was making the noise, not just “somewhere along the exhaust.”

Are you taking it to chain shops like Midas and Jiffy Lube?

I took it to Wal-Mart XD

What the heck is that. Mechanics at Wal-Mart ?

Yeah at my Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart doesn’t pay well, and that usually means the mechanics are on their first or second job, just like at the quick lube places. If they can’t explain their diagnosis, it’s hard to believe they know what they are talking about. You might need a new exhaust system now or very soon, but it won’t cause the symptoms you describe. Ask everyone you know for a recommendation on a car repair shop. A few names will show up often, and you should take your car to one of them. Wal-Mart prices may be low, but if they throw parts at it, the cost ends up a lot higher than if the job is done right the first time.

As far as I know Wal-Mart only installs tires, batteries, oil and filter and will replace bulbs. Therefore I doubt the OP’s statement about having mechanics at Wal-Mart diagnose the vehicle. I still want to know what Wal-Mart XD means.