2012 Buick LaCrosse - Performance exhaust

Like to replace my exhaust with a performance system if it is possible.

Of course it is . All it takes is a good muffler shop and a credit card . You are welcome to waste money this way .


I’m sure it’s possible but I’m not clear on what you hope to achieve. More power due to less exhaust restriction? Higher mpg (same reason)? Just want it louder? You have a 10 year old car and there’s got to be a limit to what you should reasonably invest in it.


I’m with Dave. I get the instinct. I’ve had it myself. However, on that particular car, a louder exhaust isn’t going to gain you anything meaningful. If this was a vintage Grand National or something I’d vote yes. Not on that one. No offense. (I’d skip the cold air intake for the same reason).

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You want loud, go to a muffler shop. You want performance, I agree with the others, not much chance of that. Jegs doesn’t list anything for the LaCrosse. They do for the Regal (one cat back system).

You can enhance the sound with a new exhaust system, but you won’t increase power enough that you would notice it. Either enjoy the BuIck as is or buy a more powerful car.

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Remove resonator. Or remove muffler/s. Performance exhaust.

Waste of money but any so-called performance type muffler, etc could be added even if not a direct fit.

The biggest restriction in the exhaust system are the catalytic converters. Gutting those would open up a whole new can of worms you would not want to deal with.