Summit Cat-Back Exhaust


Does anyone have any pros or cons about this product in the link above? Id like to give my pickup a growl and I’m hoping this is what I’m looking for. Any input would be great. Thanks in advance!

I’m strictly wild guessing here, but I’m pretty sure a setup like this is what someone I know used a few years back on a vehicle of theirs.

It seems to me the vehicle had more than a growl to it; more like a deep rumble. It sounded decent at idle, but from off-idle to low highway speeds under a load it was a bit noisy for my tastes. At a 65 MPH cruise it was not too bad at all.

It may vary by vehicle application though and again, my memory is hazy on this, but I think this one particular vehicle had gutted converters so that would add a bit of noise to the exhaust note.

I bought a Pacesetter after market exhaust for my Honda about 4 years ago, from the cat back to a chrome tip. The steel is a lot thicker than the original Honda stuff and has lasted a long time (here in salty PA). It sounds OK, easy install, good price . . as I remember about $150 for the whole show, . . . . best of all is that it lasted a long time (so far, like I said 4 years last Spring). I hate exhaust work and don’t like to bust knuckles

if its a v-8 then save your money and cut off your muffler or cat

dont let it get obnoxious though, to make it quieter, add some curves in your exhaust, ONLY if it is too loud definitely not recommended.

I would rather not do that honestly. I would rather do it right the first time so I dont cause any trouble and draw attention to myself. And come inspection time I dont want to have to worry about it. Thanks for the suggestion though. I did do this to my 94 Chevy 4X2 though. It sounded pretty good =P