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I made a modification to my antenna.

I plan to paint the wire white. :slight_smile:

I welcome any comments.

Is that white or blue light? Might wanna check the laws of your state. Blue will get you pulled over by the cops because only THEY can have blue lights. A white light pointed rearward while you are going forward might also be illegal.

But what is the point of the light?

The light will help him see 4 door Pinto wagons.


@cdaquila or @lackeyjr Would you change the category for this thread to general discussion. I thought when I saw it first it was from one of you.

It’s a green led strip.

It’s just for decoration.

And oh yeah, it did help me see 12 4 dr. Pinto wagons. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the deep sea angle fish. I would plan on getting pulled over for petty things more frequently with your flashy lure on the top of your car.

Not to splash cold water on your buzz, but I hope you don’t care about the paint on this vehicle. That loose power cord is going to bang around in the wind and damage the paint on the roof.

I plan on securing it and painting it white.

I wanted the light to have it’s own power source, but I think the leds draw too much current for a small battery.

That may be, but nothing for 3 days so far.

Just cover the cord with white duct tape. Which makes as much sense as your antenna light.


Thanks for the compliment.

Would you like me to make you one ?

I am one with the Force. And the force is with me.

Isn’t that a little short for a light saber?


I didn’t know it was home made. I was thinking J.C. Whitney but then I haven’t opened one of their catalogs since 1970.

The DMV rules I looked at state that lights that can be seen from the rear of a vehicle can only be red or amber. Apparently this goof ball green light is not legal. Lights at front can only be white or amber.

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We have some interesting lighting laws in my state. For example, you can have a little bit of blue lens in your red tail lamp as long as your car is eligible for collector plates. This was to let the hot rod guys do that blue dot tail light thing they’re so in love with.

I think generally in my state a miniature green lightsaber on the roof would be technically illegal, but you’d be unlikely to get cited for it unless you were doing other stupid things on the road when the cop saw it.

I agree.

I have seen many vehicles which exceed the noise standards and they are not cited.

Same with one headlight vehicles, etc.

I saw nothing that prohibits my lights.

The police have better things to do than worry about petty things.

Be sure to mention that very thing to the officer when they pull you over…


I would disagree. If you watch LivePD, they pretty much pull people over for petty stuff. This then gives them the justification to stop you and check for DUI or other violations. Once you roll down your window they then say, I am getting an odor of weed. That then opens the door to full out search of your car. Yeah you may not get a ticket but you might just get harassed.


Try driving through Oklahoma on I-40 or I-44 and you will find yourself pulled over and your vehicle searched for drugs. All it takes is 5 MPH over , lane change without signal or anything that calls attention to your vehicle.


I would consider “other lights permitted” the appropriate category for your “Green Hornet” roof light. I fail to see green lights approved.

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