Green LEDs facing forward?

Saw a Jeep this morning that had the semi-circular LEDs surrounding the headlamps and they were bright green in color. Definitely stood out from the crowd but curious if these came from the factory this way or added after the fact. If the latter, are they actually legal? Back in the day at least, only white or amber facing forward…

Probably aftermarket. Probably illegal. I know in New York a green light signifies the personal vehicle of an EMS worker on their way to a call.

Definitely aftermarket. They’re called “mood lights”.

Legality? They’re probably legal in most U.S. states. Blue and red are generally illegal for all but emergency vehicles, but green should be fine. In the U.S. it’s governed by state laws, and they’re generally consistent because they’re based on federal agency recommendations or regulations for manufacturers. Canada and some other places have Daytime Running Light requirements and they may specify white lights.

Well, I found out they are called halos or angel eyes and whether or not they are legal for road use is a highly debated topic. It also appears there is no common sense anymore, one guy bought and installed RED halos around his headlamps because they “looked cool”. Talk about confusing other drivers…

Oregon specifically prohibits forward visible red and blue on non-emergency vehicles. No mention of other colors.

Maybe your DMV or state police know. Here is a discussion from one manufacturer: