Mixing cars and religion



The atheist version is the Cadillac converter


I wonder how many Catholics it can convert. Or maybe it don’t work anymore. :scream:


You should post a warning “do not open this post while you have a mouthful of coffee” :grinning:

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yeah, well- Jesus drove a Honda:
“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.”
Acts 2:1 KJV

But Jesus never spoke about his own car:
" For I did not speak of my own accord"
John 12:49


I thought he drove a Christler :wink:


You guys are a hoot. I still like the rack opinion best though.


I’m sure that there are certain racks about which we could all offer an opinion.


I mean no disrespect but I worked for one in another lifetime. Chastity, poverty and obedience.


If I wasn’t Catholic and I was hit by that thing a few times, then I’d probably convert.

I didn’t go to Catholic grade school, but my first grade teacher used an 18” ruler on my left hand until I stopped writing with it. She did have a French last name, though. Now that I use my right hand to write, I’m no longer a communist devil worshiper. Instant conversion.

Speaking of conversion, maybe the Subie Catholic converter Changes to Catholicism, not away from it.

I never got a ruler across the hand, but I am also supposed to be a left handed writer. My Kindergarten teacher didn’t know how to teach lefties, so she made me be a righty. She also came to class in her bathrobe and slippers on more than a few occasions, so apparently teaching lefties wasn’t the only thing she struggled with…

I got the ruler on the knuckles for fighting back against the barnyard bully. My thought they knew who’s kids to protect based on donations in that catholic school.

My wife went to public schools but she got “cured” of being left handed too. Must have varied by school district/region because she and I are about the same age and my best friend growing up was left handed but nobody tried to “cure” him.

Holy Honda

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Depends on which end you go into.

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My wife’s teachers tried to teach the left handedness out of her. Until her mother and her 280 lb 6 foot 6 left handed father had a little teacher’s conference, that is.

She’s a dominant lefty married to an ambidextrous husband.

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I ended up ambidextrous. I do sports better left handed and write better right handed, but I have a lot more practice that way.

I think I was in first grade at about the right time for this treatment, 1958, not long after the McCarthy hearings in the Senate. The Red Scare was still a big thing.

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My middle son is right handed…throws a ball right handed, but bats and golfs lefty. I purposely taught him that. He played 3 years of division I Baseball out west.

I started life as a righty but later in life became ambidextrous due to right being in a cast for quite a while I can do most thing’s with either hand can not write left handed but eat left handed. I know they make a lot of thing’s for left hander’s including some power tool’s but one thing I never saw was a left handed drill press do they make such a thing?