Where is the Jesus picture?

Ummm…In a church?

well, back them there was no cameras…but if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, He is sitting next to God, interceding for you. You will see Him at the end. Hope you take this seriously.

I think the OP was referring to a previous post that had a silhouette of Jesus (or was that the naked reclining woman?) on a back window of a pick-up truck and the owners wife wanted him to get rid of it.

This IS an automotive forum, ok?

A caller on one of the recent radio shows stated there was a image on the rear window of her van that looked like Jesus. I think Tom and Ray asked for a picture of it. Click on this for a picture of Kristy and her Jesus. Note: if too many people try to go to this url, it might freeze your browser (displaying an hour glass “wait” symbol). Then, you’d have to shut down your browser (or, minimize) and try again later.

An obvious fake. There’s no way that flaws in the glass will create an image that sharp and detailed and complete! That, or someone had a Jesus decal on the window at some point, and leftover adhesive or something is attracting moisture. Either way, not of divine origin.

C’mon folks . . . let’s get back to car questions. Rocketman

Okay, what kind of car should I buy to attract a hottie like Kristy? :wink:

That’s what he gets for tailgating.

When my windows fog up they might show a pattern if I did not get the windows totally clean – the pattern of the paper towel marks that left a little film on the window. The Jesus image is probably residual adhesive from a decal applied by the previous owner, and a thorough washing of the inside of the window will probably remove it.

Do a search. It was in a rear window as I recall.

It’s on a potato chip! No! Wait… now it’s on a water stain! Now it is on my rear window!

Really, it is in the eyes of the poorest among us.