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Mixing cars and religion

One of my grandsons is left handed. No one is trying to change him though. Problem is it’s a right hand world for tools and such.

You would be supprised at how many tool’s and other product’s are now made for lefties as I said earlier the one tool I never saw for left handed use was a drill press.

Jesus Drove a Snowmobile

This is a true story - With 7 witness’

Aviation has been mixed with religion for decades, so why not cars?

Helicopter pilots are familiar with this because some helicopters utilize a “Jesus nut” to keep the main rotor attached to the mast of the helicopter. On some machines the Jesus nut is retained by a “Jesus pin”. These parts have a special reverent significance to pilots and passengers.
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Heh heh I had Jesus on my Meals on Wheels route last time. Didn’t look anything like I expected.