Mice in my glove box

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla.

A mouse keeps building a nest in my glove box.I take the shreds of paper out, it rebuilds. The dealership tells me there are many way for them to get in. Really! The question is how to get them to leave before my wiring becomes it’s next meal?

A Good Old-Fashioned Mouse Trap And Cheese

Just remember it’s in their before you reach for a map!

Some people suggest placing moth balls in the area. Others say cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil will keep them away. I think an outside cat works best.

Or Put A Decent Size Snake In The Car

Leave the glove box door open while she’s in there. Snakes don’t chew wires!

There may be many ways for them to get in but there’s probably one huge gaping hole if the '06 Corolla is anything like the '04 Camry. Look through the plastic cover over the windshield wipers. If you see a snorkel sticking up over by the glove box area, that’s where they can get in without any trouble. If you access the cabin filter behind the glove box, you can look straight up through the snorkel and see how they can waltz right in past that flimsy filter. I had the same problem. I solved it by removing the shroud and installing a small section of metal window screen over the top of the snorkel. I just twisted a wire around the screen where it folded over the edge and I haven’t had single unwanted guest since.