Mice Inside Vehicles


I have owned many vehicles over the years and have never encountered mice INSIDE the passenger compartment. My wife drives a 2006 Honda CR-V and we recently paid the dealer $105 to remove a family of mice from the heater fan box. Less than 2 weeks later, there was a mouse in the floorboard. My wife was NOT happy! My only solution was to set a trap in the car. We have caught several mice since. I don’t think they are living in the car but they would if they were not caught by the trap. Does anyone know where these critters get into the vehicle and more importantly, how to block or stop their access?


Where do you park?


Inside a carport.


For some reason Hondas seem to be more attractive to mice. I have seen comments on this board about mice before, and it seems like they are from Honda owners. I have no clue why this is. Anyway, they get in through some part of the heater, I think. Maybe a shop can put it up on a lift and see if there are openings where you could attach heavy screening (hardware cloth) to block them.


Good suggestions. Cover any opening that you can with hardware cloth. Traps in and outside of the car can’t hurt. If you are in an area with an infinite mouse population, they may not help. An ambitious cat might.

By “in the floorboard” you meant "on the car floor?