Mice in Honda Cabin

We still have mice entering the cabin of our '07 Honda Pilot! Yuk. Our Honda (dealer) mechanic installed screens at the two places he thought they might enter but to no avail. There is evidence they might come through the forward vents but closing the vents doesn’t help. Any ideas about how to keep them out? This would be a great road car (surprisingly good mileage for a big car – 20.1 mpg) but the mice make it a loathsome vehicle.

i have found out that no pest like the smell of moth ball.crush some and put around out side of car.it keep them alway from my cars. good luck

Screens won’t stop them. They can chew through screens.

Do you have a cat?

The mice wouldn’t be going there just to check out your Honda. Do you eat in the vehicle? There may be small amounts of food crumbs that need to be vacuumed out.

The best way to prevent them from going in is to give them no reason to go there in the first place.

There are products like ‘Mouse Away’ (you can google it) and others that are safe and effective (according to the sellers).

But the best way to keep mice out of your car is to take away their motivation for going there.

Keep it as clean as possible.

I’m also curious as to where the vehicle is parked. It must be a place where mice congregate. That’s another area you need to attack.

I found evidence of mice nesting in a used car I purchased. It was a Volvo station wagon and they were in the back cargo area under the floor board and over the spare tire. I cleaned out the materials and put some d-con mice poison in there and a couple of the the very sticky traps that you can buy at Agway or a good hardware store. I caught a couple and they did eat some of the d-con. The nesting stopped. There was no damage to wiring or the car and I kept the car for about 4 years with no more mice.

Where you park the car may be an issue. I believe the mice got in my wagon while it was sitting in a parking lot for awhile. If you use the car frequently and treat the area where you park with d-con you should get this under control.