Mice twice in 07 Camry

Mice like my new car they get in where the cabin filter goes (in back of the glove box) First time they wrecked the heater and committed suicide.($1,500) this time the kid at the quick lube found it (40.00)I would like to know how to prevent the critters, or put thick wire mesh over the filter to keep them out. Anyone have any good Ideas. I used moth balls and it smelled bad even on cold days. It did no good. PS We have two stupid cats.

I have an '04 Camry that got infested through the same opening. I cut out a piece of metal window screen slightly larger than the inlet snorkel, wrapped it over the opening and secured it with a length of bailing wire twisted around the circumference. I don’t know if the '07 is built the same way but if you look through the slots in the plastic shroud (with the hood open) you can see this metal snorkel sticking up where the cabin air inlet is located. The mice crawl up the cowling and go right into this opening. Haven’t had one in there since. The shroud comes off rather easily with a few fasteners/clips. You only need it to be loose enough to get your hands in there to affix the screening.

I would certainly try the screen as suggested, though add it to your list of regular light maintenance items - to check/clean it.

I have also heard - though I have not verified - that peppermint oil acts as a repellent. And I imagine that it smells a lot better than moth balls - at least to people.

Where do you park?