Mouse in my car

I have found documents chewed up in my glove box and canvas bags chewed up in my trunk. I have a brand new Honda Civic and am wondering if anybody has a solution to get rid of this pesky rodent.

Poison is probably the best remedy for that particular mouse. Another thing that often works is mothballs; the little varmints hate the odor. Then again, so do people.

If you can find where the rodent accessed your car, you should plug the opening (most likely locations: trunk missing a bottom plug; ventilation duct; plug missing in firewall). However, there’s ALWAYS an opening for a rodent to get in, so I wouldn’t spend too much time on it.

Standard mousetraps work just as well in a Civic as in your pantry.

Vote #2 for traps, right now! At least one in the trunk and at least one in the cabin. If you are parking in your garage, put some more along the walls. If you have bird seed in your garage, store it in a metal trash can with a good, tight-fitting lid.

I vote for a “have a heart” trap, with a dab of peanut butter as bait. If you use poison and mousey crawls up into an inaccessible cavity, like perhaps up behind the dash, the odor as it deteriorates will be beyond comprehension!

Just curious, but why is it almost always a Honda with mouse problems?

They escape from the spinning cages they run in to power the car.

In my house here in rural Mexico, I installed ultrasonic insect repellers. They not only eliminated almost all scorpions, but also the mice are gone. I realize it might be tricky to run electrical cords in a fire-safe manner and put in a couple ultrasonics from Home Depot, and have to plug and unplug each time. But it does work,and will not leave dead mice to smell up your car.

Had that happen once in my car, think it came in through an open window for only happened once and the little bugger like to scared the bee-geebers outta me while I was drving !
Sticky trap got that sucker.

Thanks Everyone for your wonderful solutions.

I also heard that dryer sheets work and I did put some environmental safe ones in the glove box and they have not been chewed up, so maybe that works. I will try month balls in the trunk.