Critter in car

I have evidence there is a critter in my car maybe a mouse. I have strong evidence of it’s presence, i.e. shredded napkin, partially eaten candy bar, little “gifts” left in the glove compartment. I’ve had a mouse trap in the car for 4 days now but no success. Any suggestions?

I haven’t driven my car for those 4 days. I think I would freak if a critter ran across my feet or dash board while I was driving it.


Park your car in a garage and make a deal with a cat that is a good “mouser”. Provide a way out of the car to a litter box. I’ll bet the cat can handle your problem. However, be sure the cat will “mouse”. I’ve had uppity cats that think it is beneath their dignity to catch mice.

Tabasco sauce splashed around the inside of the car and engine bay

I like that idea, now to find a cat! I’m also trying to figure out the point of entry? Since I have yet to capture anything, I’m thinking it is coming and going . . .

What are you using for bait in the trap? You know that the critter likes that candy bar.

I have good success with a live trap with a clear lid so you can see the tenants when they move in. Open it up and toss in some sunflower seeds. I found mine at a farm store.

I live in the woods and have a vehicle is parked outside year round. The critters like to come into the cab through holes/gaps in the firewall. A mousetrap is standard equipment in this vehicle. peanut butter works the best as bait.

Char, Make Sure You Check Carefully In The Engine Compartment. Look For Seeds, Acorns, Shredded Napkins, Etcetera.

Critters like engine compartments (heat, easy access, tasty parts ?) and enjoy nibbling on wire harnesses, fuel lines, vacuum hoses, etcetera. They can do serious damage there and can alter the running condition of your car. I have personally seen this.

If they are in the car’s “cabin” causing an inconvenience they could be under the hood doing some real destruction. I’d check there, frequently.