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Metal bar dragging

I got stuck in the ditch yesterday and i was pulled out. Now i have something dragging on the ground. When i got home this evening, I looked under the car and it looks like a metal bar underneath the enigine is dragging. It is a 2002 Chevy Cavalier 4 door Sadan. My dad seems to think it is part of the frame. If you need pics, I took pics to send to my dad, so if you need to see them, just tell me and I will email them to you. thanks


Is the engine or transmission leaking any fluids? Is the car making any unusual noises? Is the temperature gauge at its normal level? Are there any warning lights illuminated on the instrument panel?

Since nobody can determine from this distance what the “metal bar” might be, it is really essential that you post the pictures. Incidentally, I suggest that you NOT drive this car until it can be determined exactly what is dragging underneath the car.

One thing for certain–since this car is of unitized construction, it doesn’t have a frame, per se, so you can rule out your dad’s diagnosis. It does have a sub-frame supporting the engine and transmission, but it is unlikely that this is what you are referring to.

Without seeing the part and guessing a bit, it sounds like you’re describing a broken sway bar. This is not a major repair.
Look something like this?

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First guess Broken Tie rod, Pic is good, mechanic is better.

I don’t think he would have driven home with a broken tie rod. I’m guessing sway bar, too.

yea he said it is either a sub frame support bar or a crossover bar. It looks like the end where it was welded to the front bumper just came off. We are having a mechanic look at it this morning. I am at school this morning but when I get home I will send a pic to you guys, thanks for all your help.

I have a neighbor up the street and he happened to park the car in the street and I could not help but notice 2 of them, he said he knew about the broken tie rods and was waiting for money to get them fixed, and it wasn’t bad if he didn’t go over 35. I was pretty sure it looked like tie rods hanging down but if that is impossible I will stand corrected, and try to defer answers I am not sure of to 2 standouts, Busted Knuckes and Tester.

Lost me but 2 12 to 14 inch pieces that looked like tie rods to me were hanging down at maybe a 30 to 45 degree angle lowest point 4 to 6 inches inside the tire, High point towards center.

Sounds like a sway bar to me.